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Solution of paste problem in slime dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-04-06  

  Slime dryer is a high-quality drying equipment with high output value, low energy consumption and environmental protection. The emergence of this equipment not only effectively solves the problem of coal slime accumulation in the mine, but also makes it a commercial product for secondary utilization . Although the performance of all aspects of the slime dryer is very good, there will still be scumming, clogging, and sticking to the wall when drying the materials, which seriously delays the daily work efficiency of the equipment. How to solve it?

slime dryer

  First of all, the simmering condition of the finished product is because the slime material is scattered into the high temperature area of the drum, because of its high viscosity, it sticks to the top, and finally leads to the scorching of the slime. Treatment plan: add a roller and use its inclination angle and the function of the fan, let it dry for a period of time, and then let the high-viscosity material move forward by the roller, and a few stick to the roller from the internal copy board. After processing, due to the rotation of the discharge material, and the exhaust gas is processed by the dust collector on the side of the drum, the concentration of the exhaust gas becomes lower, which protects the surrounding environment.

  Secondly, when the slime sticks to the wall, the copy board structure inside the slime dryer drum is too random, and the overall slime processing time is the same, thereby forming the slime sticking to the drum wall, thereby forming a mass block cannot be dried. Treatment plan: improve the internal structure, feed the material directly into the drum with a screw to break it up, and then send it back and forth by the copy board inside the drum. The material and the drying medium with negative pressure fully touch the drum to complete the heat exchange process.

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