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Coal Slime Rotary Dryer

Capacity(T/H): 5.4~80

Drying temperature(℃): 850±100

Total power(kw): 65~680

Covering area(m²): 6*18~10*48

Product Introduction:

  The coal slime is coal washing process of industrial waste residue.Due to coal slurry with high moisture content, high viscosity, high water and low calorific value such many other adverse conditions, it is difficult to realize industrial use,based on the coal slime industry market and the characteristics of coal slurry, through many times technical research and practice,Dingli company developed a new generation of coal slime drying system meticulously, drying product moisture is less than 15%, the calorific value of coal can achieve 2800-4200 kcal/kg,it is a good fuel of coal boiler.This set of equipment technology is mature, stable running, convenient operation and maintenance.

coal slime rotary dryer

Product Working Principle:

  Coal slime drum dryer is mainly composed of hot blast stove, belt feeding machine, drum dryer, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, cyclone dust collector, bag filter (or wet dust collector) and operation control system.Equipment used downstream drying process, its working principle is as follows: wet material after entering drying drum divided into the following workaround: one is the feeding area, the coal into the area exchaged with high temperature and hot air quickly evaporate moisture, the material in large Angle of guide plate copy, to be imported under a workspace;2 The crushing beat cleaning area, equipment design in this area have broken beat cleaning device, wet mud grabbed by grating copy board broken beat, big wet mud after repeated broken beating,which are broken into 20-40 mm particles slime ball, forming curtain material status, increase the heat exchange area, improve the drying rate, reasonably cleaning the mud in the cylinder wall, and prevent mud adhesion;Three is the main drying area, through two area processing wet mud has a granular loose state, the material in this area is inclined by feed plate copying, form a uniform state of material, then have a full heat exchager with the hot air, strong evaporation;Four is pounding broken dry area, in the region after repeated pounding broken mud, mud particles from 20-40 mm broken into 10-20 mm size (request), and moisture further reduced;Five is Enhanced drying zone, after the crushing of small particles of mud from the area is raised in a dense copy board, fully absorb hot wind heat, discharge water, water requirements to meet the standard, ready to discharge;Sixth is the discharging area. In order to prevent the discharging dust, the roller is not equipped with a reading board in this area, and the material rolls to the discharging port. The coal slurry moisture drops to about 12-15% and is discharged from the dryer to complete the whole drying process.


Product Features:

1. Dingli coal slime dryer, with strong overload capacity, large quantity, less fuel consumption, dry low cost;
2. Adopts downstream drying method,the flue gas and wet material into the drying machine by one side of the dryer,it can take advantage of the high temperature flue gas to obtain high evaporation strength, low outlet temperature of the dryer,with high thermal efficiency.
3. It can change operation parameters according to the different material properties, the material in the dryer cylinder body can form stable whole curtain fabric, and the heat exchange more adequately;
4. New type feeding and discharging device, preventing drum dryer feeding jams, discontinuous and uneven return phenomenon, reduce the load of dust removal system;
5. New type of internal structure, to strengthen the effect on scattered material cleaning and heat conduction, eliminates the cylinder to moisture, has a more flexible adaption of sticky and moisture of the materials;
6. New type coal slime drying equipment to achieve the "zero thrust", greatly reducing the wheel wear, the cylinder has smooth and reliable operation;
7. The drying machine adopts "self-aligning roller device", make the wheel and roll ring with a linear contact, thus greatly reduces the wear and power loss;
8. Adopt unique large coal slime delay drying technology, guarantee the coal slime drying uniformity.

Technical Parameters:

Model DLMG1412 DLMG1615 DLMG1916 DLMG2218 DLMG2518 DLMG2522 DLMG2823 DLMG3430
Input capacity(t/h) 5.4 6.6 13.5 19.8 25.6 31.5 41.4 80.0
Evaporation capacity(t/h) 1.2 1.9 3.0 4.4 5.7 7.0 9.2 17.7
Raw material moisture(%) 30±3%
Outlet moisture(%) 12-15%(can be adjusted)
Drying temperature(℃) 850±100℃
Total power(kw) 65 115 138 170 240 320 450 680
Total weight(kg) 25000 48000 67000 85000 92000 110000 150000 265000
Covering area(m²) 6m*18m 6m*18m 8m*24m 10m*24m 10m*30m 10m*36m 10m*36m 10m*48m