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  • Shanxi's coal slime drying line putting into operation

    Dingli’s another coal slime drying production line has installed in Shanxi....

  • Thailand yeast drying equipment officially entered installation stage

    In April, Thailand customers ordered our yeast drying production line, whose capacity is 100kg/h. It has already arrived in Thailand and officially entered installation stage. These are inseparable from hard work of Dingli's experienced engi...

  • What you can do to operate the grain dryer?

    When grain dryer stops working, you should immediately clean the dust. Before every stop of grain dryer, you should remove the dust in filtering bag and ash hopper to prevent it from being wet....

  • The introduction of grain dryers trends

    The status quo of Chinas grain drying equipment, combined with the vast rural market demand, the experts believe that the development of domestic grain drying equipment will show the following trends: ( 1 )Production capacity grain dryer sh...

  • Power protection to solve the problem of grain drying

    Golden rice flower , is a year when the harvest . In the north of Zhejiang Haiyan vast fields , rice heavy bending the posture, the breeze , the waves rolling thrown . November 6 , the author Xu Haiyan Qinshan tanker village saw a golden ri...

  • Wood Pellet,Biomass pellet Market in Asia

    Wood pellet,as one type of biomass energy, is very popular in the world because of its cleanness.Asia also has wide biomass pellets market. ...

  • Factors Impacting on Pellet Production

    Pellet production is affected by various factors,such as raw material feeding rate,moisture content,pelletizing temperatures,pellet mill quality and so on....

  • Wood Pellet Plant in Canada

    Canada covers 10% of the world’s forest;Consequently, it is one of the leading pellet producers with 33 pellet plants of different sizes....

  • Wood Pellets Benefits

    Wood pellets are compressed wood particles that are used as clean fuel.They have been already commonly used in many countries....

  • Equipment in Pellet Storage Room

    Biomass or feed pellet storage has directly impact on pellet quality,thus the place of storage room and equipment allocative should be reasonably planed....

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