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Brewer's Grain Spent Drying Plant

Capacity(t/h): 0.85~6.75

Power(kW): 34~155
Application: suitable to drying brewery's grain,vinasse

Product Introduction:

  Facing the demand of expanding market, we design and manufacture a new kind of single-channel and triple-layer BSG rotary dryer. The new product is designed based on the property of Brewer's grains, which is applicable to the brewing distillers with 50% to 65% moisture and produce the dry materials of 10% to 15% moisture. We also could help optimize the process and technique according to the property of materials, scale of production, application request, level of automation and other factors in working site. Recommend product:Single-channel and triple-layer BSG rotary dryer. (Patent number: ZL200920089749.2).The product is applicable to large-scale production with the advantage of low energy and space cost, which could save 30% to 50% energy compared to similar product.

Product Working Principle:

  Cool Material flow: After the dehydration, BSG is delivered to the cylinder and realize the concurrent drying process. Wet materials are lifted up and down by the internal flights and pushed through three layers in spiraling pattern, which realize the heat exchange between cool materials and heated air. The dry materials could pass through the drum quickly with the air force. Wet materials would be dropped gradually and get the fully dried to 10% to 15% moisture. The eventual dry materials would be delivered out of the systems through screw conveyor. Inside the drum, there are vibration cleaning device, which could prevent the adhesion between materials and drum.
  Hot fluid(air) flow: Cool air is compressed into furnace through blower and heated to 500℃ to 500℃. Then the heated air taken into the drum by draught fan would exchange the heat with wet materials, absorb the moisture and get delivered out of the drum with the temperature reduction of 55 to 60℃. The exhaust gas will be dealt with cyclone dust extractor and wet dust extractor, which would eventually meet the exhaustion requirement.

Product Features:

1. PLC smart control. The dried product is yellow, high-protein and with good palatability.
2. Impurities removal. Iron dust and other impurities are cleaned and would not enter the following process.
3. High heat efficiency. The effect of insulation is as high as 70% and raise the heat efficiency by 30%.
4. Four wheel drive, more steady and stable.
5. Save 50% space compared to traditional dryers and reduce 50% civil investment.
6. Innovative flights design. Effective flights combination would bring better process control , thermal distribution, and heat efficiency. The temperature of exhaust gas is lower than 50℃.
7. Convenient variable frequency control systems. Customer could change the material flow rate and product moisture based on their need.
8. Environmental and safe. Modular configuration of dust collection and purification systems
9. More choice for novel air furnace with high efficiency, convenient manipulation and energy control, which could reduce 30% energy cost and 20% electric cost.

Technical Parameters:

Model DLSG1409 DLSG1615 DLSG2008/3 DLSG2010/3 DLSG2210/3 DLSG2510/3 DLSG2512/3 DLSG2912/3
Input (t/h) 0.85 1.6 2.89 3.68 4.02 4.95 5.84 6.75
Output (t/h)) 0.4 0.75 1.36 1.73 1.89 2.33 2.75 3.18
Evaporation Capacity (t/h) 0.45 0.85 1.53 1.95 2.13 2.62 3.09 3.57
Initial Moisture (%) 60±5
Final Moisture (%) 15% (Adjustable)
Drying Temperature (℃) 350±30
Total Power (kw) 34 45 78 90 105 125 140 155
Total Weight (kg) 22000 28000 40000 45000 50000 60000 68000 76000
Plant Area (m²) 5m*15m 6m*22m 8m*16m 8m*18m 8m*20m 10m*20m 10m*24m 10m*24m

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