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Rotary Dryer For Coal Chemical Industry

Capacity(T/D): 200-2000

Initial moisture(%): 15-30

Final moisture (%): ≤5

Main power(kw): 120-550

Product Introduction:

  Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is the most professional, most authoritative enterprise in china,which is engaged in coal drying equipment research and development,which is the only Chinese coal slime drying industry set design, production, sales in the integration of science and technology enterprises. After nearly 20 years of rapid development,Dingli has gradually become steadily drying equipment industry in China and the first brand of the company.Company based on the current coal, blue carbon industry market, technical research and practice, case study, developed the coal chemical industry of coal, blue carbon drying drum system before carbonization,which also often used in LAN charcoal half coke dry quenching cooling, recycling heat energy, or used in LAN charcoal carbocoal cooling and dry raw material coal series to use, fully recycled hot charcoal carbocoal heat, as raw material to the depth of coal moisture removal.This set of equipment technology is advanced, stable running, convenient operation and maintenance.This type of equipment available to dry all kinds of coal, carbocoal, charcoal, anthracite coal, lean coal, lean coal, coking coal, fat coal, air fertilizer in coal, gas coal, coal and weakly caking coal, not sticky coal, long flame coal, lignite, coal washing, screening, raw coal, bituminous coal, the tail coal, coal, coal, etc.Equipment can be made according to the customers' requirements.

Rotary Dryer For Coal Chemical Industry

Product Working Principle:

  Coal drying technology is divided into drum drying and drum distillation units ---- two kinds of technology.Drum drying means adopting rotary drum dryer for drying to reduce the water moisture, its products are high heat value quality coal; Drum drying distillation technology refers to using rotary drum dryer and rotary distillation machine together, the dryer dehydration and heat of coal , dry distillation machine dry distillation of lignite removal volatile part and the internal moisture,the product is high heat value, low sulfur, low water moisture, low volatile of dry distillation upgrade coal .
Coal, blue carbon drum dryer mainly by the heat source, belt feeding machine, rotary drum, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, cyclone dust collector, bag filter, nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas oxygen concentration prosecution explosion-proof security system, power distribution and temperature, pressure, oxygen concentration, speed of interlocking spreading system.The equipment adopts the countercurrent (or downstream) drying technology, its working principle is as follows: wet material after entering drying drum points divided into the following workaround: one is the feeding area, the coal into the area with high temperature hot air quickly evaporate moisture, the material in large Angle of guide plate copy, to be imported into the next  workspace;2 it is to copy the plate area, the coal in this area is lifting by copy board and forming curtain material status, the coal temperature gradually increased to more than 150-250 ℃ (different types of coal with different temperature),at this time the material has good contact with hot air, the moisture in coal rapid evaporation and become water vapor, water vapor was siphoned off by induced draft fan,
so as to achieve the aim of depth drying;The coal in this area was dried into the moisture content less than 5% (or much lower) with state loose, after heat exchange materials achieved the required moisture state, into the final discharging area;Three is discharging area, the dryer do not set copy plate in the region, the material in this area with scroll taxiing to the discharge port, to complete the whole drying process.


Product Features:

First, Solve coal feeding uniformity and roading inside the dryer, overcome the problem such as  intermittent feeding, before plugging material, transient capacity big etc.Which is the premise to improve the evaporation intensity.
1. With unique design of the buffer bin and feeder mechanism, overcome uneven feeding of intermittent feeding problems;
2. Set up large dip Angle on the roller feeding end unpowered spiral propeller, not only evenly sent the wet slurry into drum drying section, but also make large pieces of wet coal cutting and scattered;
Second,Improve the internal structure design of the dryer, maximize the increasing the heating area between material and hot air, which is the basis of increase evaporation strength.
1. Constantly optimize roller structure layout and the feed plate design, final setting is now unique internal feed roller plate structure and different effect of mixing drum of whole section distribution.The dryer with all "material  curtain"even no dead Angle, no gap, the maximum  increase the heating area of the coal and hot air, and the heat exchange area, make the coal moisture to evaporate rapidly ,and was taken away by hot air.
2. With the original rotary drum dryer dry layer patent technology.According to the different particles material inside the drum's heating speed and speed different, set up more groups of layer drying device, dropping grate, control of small particle materials drying and pulverization, too large particle materials have different internal and external heat drying uneven phenomenon, ensure dry uniformity.
Third, reasonable selecting hot blast stove furnace, optimizing its internal structure design and laying quality, reduce the air leakage rate, reduce the oxygen content in the hot air less than 5%, 300-1200 ℃ arbitrary random control process requirement of temperature points, provide the dryer with homogeneous stable heat source,which is  the reliable safeguard of coal dryer running with high strength.
Fourth, measurement and control system adopts PLC frequency conversion control technology, temperature, pressure, oxygen concentration, speed equipment, process parameters on-line interlocking spreading, realize automatic detection and control of the whole system have centralized, on-site switching function, guarantee system to maximize capacity, optimal quality, the most energy saving mode, the safety explosion protection and stable operation.
Fifth, Optimizing the allocation of gravity settling +cyclone dust collector + wet cyclone/bag dust collector level 3 by dust bag filter dust removal equipment, dust concentration < 30 mg/Nm3, guarantee dust emission standard.
Sixth, The uniqu modular design, the manufacture, transportation, installation, assembling and commissioning platform, service concept in a more optimized design manufacturing, installation services return customers more convenient transportation, guarantee the customer's maxium benefit.
Seventh,Solve the traditional dryer downstream caused in the process of the direction of dehumidifying system temperature reduced water vapor return material, improve the efficiency of drying, achieve the goal of deep dehydration.
Eighth, the dryer using labyrinth and expandable graphite packing type double mechanical seal sealing mode, to ensure the safe operation of the dryer within tightly closed oxygen.
Nine. half carbon coke cooling machine used with raw coal  dryer series, recycled half carbon carbocoal heat used for coal drying and dewatering, both to achieve LAN charcoal semi coke dry quenching cooling, and to get low moisture LAN charcoal carbon coal, and make full use of heat energy for the depth of the coal removal moisture, temperature preheating, reduce subsequent pressure of coal chemical industry equipment, comprehensive utilization of heat energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, the perfect process is more reasonable.

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity(T/D) Initial moisture
Final moisture
Main power
Covering area
DLMG1618 200 15-30 ≤5 120 8*25
DLMG1920 300 15-30 ≤5 150 8*32
DLMG2224 500 15-30 ≤5 200 10*40
DLMG2528 700 15-30 ≤5 265 10*45
DLMG2830 1000 15-30 ≤5 320 10*50
DLMG3432 1500 15-30 ≤5 460 12*50
DLMG4035 2000 15-30 ≤5 550 15*55