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Corn Dryer

Model: WGH100

Capacity(t/d): 100

Moisture Reduce Range(%): 4~16

Heating Medium: Clean air

Product Introduction:

  The first important part of corn dryers is the hot-blast furnace. The following types like: coal burning furnace, fuel burning furnace, natural gas burning furnace, and bio-fuel burning furnace will be available for users. The main function of the furnace is to provide dryer with hot air as the drying medium.The most important part of the corn dryer is the drying machine. Its internal components are mainly composed of air intakes and angular boxes.

Corn dryer

Product Working Principle:

  In the whole process, raw grain will first fill the drying container, then the hot-blast generated by the furnace will go through the air intakes and enter the inside of the machine. Corn flows slowly from top to bottom by gravity. Meanwhile the hot air flow through the corns layer by layer. In this process, heat is transferred from hot air to grain material to raise the grain temperature to make the moisture inside the material evaporate into the air and become exhausted air, then discharged into the air through the angular boxes. if the working temperature inside the dryer exceeds 150 degrees, or the temperature of corn more than 60 degrees, the quality of corn will be greatly affected. Corn dryer of Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd , select the technology of tempering process, alternating high and low temperature drying multi-level segment, the corn into the cooling section, after cooling, cooling grain to grain storage temperature, then discharged from the grain discharge section greatly to ensure the quality of maize, but also save energy, making breakage rate of corn to 3‰ or less.

Corn dryerCorn dryer

Product Features:

1. Fully weather proof, can be installed and used in open air.
2. Mechanized and continuous operation, results in a stable and easy operation.
3. Be adaptable to various grains.
4. Dried grain can be immediately transferred to grain stores due to appropriate and even drying, enough tempering and cooling.
5. Free from pollution, quality of grain can be maintained.

Technical Parameters:

Model DLLG100 DLLG150 DLLG200 DLLG250 DLLG300 DLLG400 DLLG500
Capacity (t/d)
100 150 200 250 300 400 500
Reduce moisture range(%) 4~16
Heating medium Clean air
Hot-blast temperature(℃) < 120
Most bearing temperature
of grains(℃)
Unevenness of drying(%) < 2
Added value of breaking rate(%) < 0.5
Heat consumption per unit
Coal consumption(standard coal)(kg/h) 60~230 90~345 120~460 150~575 180~690 240~1000 300~1380