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Process flow of biomass pellet production line

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-04-03  

  Biomass particle production line refers to the use of wood chips, straw and other agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials, after crushing, drying, additive mixing, extrusion and other processes, a new type of clean fuel that can be directly burned in granular form can be used as coal , diesel, natural gas and other traditional energy alternatives.

biomass pellet production line

  Process flow of biomass pellet production line:

  Screening: screening out oversized materials and impurities to ensure that the raw materials meet the granulation requirements. Generally between 2-6mm.

  Drying: Biomass fuel granulation requires moisture below 20%. Use a tumble dryer to dry the moisture.

  Granulation: The key step is completed by the biomass granulator. Dingli biomass pellet machines are of excellent quality and stable and high yield.

  Cooling: Due to the extrusion work, the temperature of the biomass particles is high, and it needs to be cooled and packaged. Counter-flow cooler, with reasonable design and rapid cooling.

  Screening: Qualified biomass particles are screened out by vibrating grading screen, and other unqualified products are recovered and reused.

  Packing: automatic measurement, automatic sealing, saving time and effort, high efficiency and reducing costs.

  The dust removal equipment recycles the dust generated in the production process for granulation, reducing waste and increasing revenue.

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