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Reasons why the drying effect of the rotary flash dryer is not significant

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-04-06  

  The flash dryer is widely used in the dispersion and drying of granular, powdery, paste-like and filter cake-like false agglomerates in the chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, food, feed and other industries. However, in the production process, sometimes there is a problem that the drying effect is not obvious. What causes this?

spin flash dryer

  1. Moisture problem of rotary flash dryer: wind pressure is not reached. The air volume or air pressure can not reach the standard, and the standard that can make the material dry is no problem. In the drying, a pressure fan is generally used. The air pressure measurement system is the key system of the internal airflow drying equipment. The customer can automatically adjust the volume according to the different materials size. If your drying equipment provides materials with air flow that does not meet the standards, there will also be problems such as dry materials or water standards. As long as the air volume is adjusted, the problem of dry materials will be solved.

  2. There is no good sealed dryer. The lack of sealing causes the material to dry and not dry, and can also cause the material to burn when it is dried. The sealing device of the drying equipment is a standard. If the drying equipment has a good sealing material, it will affect the normal drying efficiency. If the dry material drying equipment enters a large amount of cold air, it can reduce the internal heat source equipment, resulting in a reduction in internal temperature and causing a large amount of heat loss.

  3. Shortage of heat supply. Insufficient heat supply will also lead to material compliance issues. If the heating device used in the flash dryer does not meet the characteristics of the material you want to dry, there will be irregular drying of the material. As long as the drying heat source is configured for you at the time of purchasing the drying equipment manufacturer, the material drying can be solved.

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