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How to identify inferior sawdust dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-26  

  Sawdust is a kind of granular material with high humidity, so it is difficult to dry. Users are looking for a professional sawdust drying equipment. There is a market when there is demand. Many dryer manufacturers have increased their R & D and productivity. A large number of sawdust drying equipment have emerged on the market. Some unscrupulous manufacturers have faked and produced some in order to maximize their profits. Poorly renovated assembly equipment to deceive consumers' interests has brought great economic losses to consumers. Faced with such a chaotic dryer market, how can users avoid buying inferior sawdust dryers?

sawdust dryer

  First, how to identify refurbished wood chip dryers?

  Refurbished sawdust dryers refer to dryers that are rusty due to long-term backlogs due to poor quality. Before the manufacturer sells it, it often repaints and camouflages it, so it looks the same as the new one. So how do we identify when we go to the factory for inspection? Zhengzhou Dingli summed up the following two distinguishing methods: the first is to carefully observe the nameplate. The nameplate of each product is not to be ignored. The wood shavings dryer that leaves the factory soon has a clear nameplate and a bright plating layer. If there are traces of spray paint on the nameplate, it means that the spray coating was sprayed on later, which is a quality and backlog refurbished wood chip dryer. The second is to observe the body paint. Two different colors of paint can be found on the wood chip dryer body. Users can try to scrape with their nails, you can see the two paint layers above and below, which also shows that this is a refurbished wood chip dryer.

  Second, how to identify the assembled wood chips dryer?

  The assembled sawdust dryer mainly uses the abandoned sawdust dryer, with a large number of old parts, plus some new parts illegally assembled. Finally, after a simple spray paint treatment, it is recharged to harm consumers . The assembled sawdust dryer has the following significant features, please read carefully:

  1. Carefully check the accessories of each part; through careful inspection of each important part, if it is assembled, we will find some old parts.

  2. There is no certificate of delivery; even if a certificate of compliance is provided, there are signs of alteration, or there is no product inspection stamp and seal of the inspector on the certificate, or the number of the certificate is inconsistent with the steel seal number of the engine and frame.

  3. Is there a formal invoice from the sales company; if you buy it at the origin of the wood chip dryer, the counterfeiter cannot provide the formal sales invoice from the manufacturer.

  Through the above two methods, two different types of inferior sawdust dryers can be easily identified. I hope it will be helpful to friends who are buying sawdust dryers. When purchasing wood sawdust dryers, users must be cautious and carefully observe whether each component is qualified. Do not buy if there is a problem, so as to avoid equipment failures after the equipment is bought back, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to production.

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