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What are the methods of forage drying?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-26  

  There are three main methods for forage drying, namely natural drying, artificial drying (forage dryer) and physicochemical drying. Physico-chemical drying method is a method to accelerate the drying of forage by using physics and adding chemicals to the grass.

  First, the natural drying method does not require special equipment and low cost, but is easily restricted by natural climatic conditions, and has high labor intensity and low efficiency, and the quality of hay is poor. Several methods of natural drying are divided into: 1. ground drying method; 2. grass rack drying method; 3. fermentation drying method.

  Second, the artificial drying method is a method of using certain drying equipment to prepare hay. For example, using a grass dryer, this method can overcome the natural drying method's dependence on weather conditions and reduce microorganisms, physiological processes, rain and branches. The influence of factors such as breakage on the quality of hay, but the cost of manual drying is high. These two methods of artificial drying can be abbreviated as: 1. air-drying; 2. high-temperature fast drying.

forage dryer

  Third, physical and chemical drying method is to accelerate the drying of forage grass by using physics and adding chemicals to the grass. The physicochemical drying method is a fracturing grass stem drying method, and the chemical method is a desiccant adding drying method.

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