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Protection and eradication of sawdust dryer explosion

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-25  

  Sawdust dryers have the potential to cause fire or explosion when drying materials with a lower ignition point, such as sawdust. Therefore, from the design to the manufacture of the dryer manufacturer, we must always consider every user operation link, and for each link must take the necessary safety technical measures, to the greatest extent possible to protect the user's personal and property safety.

sawdust dryer

  Zhengzhou Dingli, as an old-fashioned sawdust dryer manufacturer, has strong technical strength, rich experience, safe and reliable equipment, and deserves the trust of the majority of dryer users. The safety technical measures during the operation of the dryer are mainly preventive and protective measures. Preventive measures generally refer to maintaining the system's flammable material concentration below the flammable concentration range, followed by ensuring that the system's oxygen concentration is within the safe concentration limit range, and too much oxygen is also the cause of the fire. Finally, the elimination of all possible ignition sources Keep the inside of the tube without fire. Then let ’s explain in detail how to prevent and eradicate the explosion.

  First, avoid the formation of dust clouds

  The only safety measure to avoid the formation of dust clouds is to control the speed at which the system dries the air, that is, no dust entrainment occurs at this speed. For a belt dryer, the air speed is easy to control; but for a dispersion dryer with suspended particles, it is difficult to achieve this. In general, due to the operating characteristics of the decentralized dryer, the control of dust entrainment is not easy.

  Second, eliminate all possible sources of ignition

  In order to prevent the explosion of the dryer, all possible ignition sources listed below should be eliminated or controlled. Examples include static sparks, electrical sparks, frictional sparks or frictional heat, spontaneous combustion, and so on. For example, electrical sparks in them, all contact elements, circuit switches and other electrical components may generate electrical sparks, and their energy is huge. Therefore, it must be ensured that such electrical equipment is not in contact with dust or flammable vapors to prevent fire or explosion.

  The final spontaneous combustion is the protection in operation, to ensure that each stage of the drying operation, especially the start-up and shutdown phases, do not make the material temperature reach the spontaneous combustion temperature. Avoid the formation of dust layers at the edges, corners, seams, etc. of the dryer as much as possible, and regularly clean the sediment.

  Zhengzhou Dingli is a large manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of dryers, with high-quality sales and after-sales service. Welcome to contact us.

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