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Indirect clean hot air furnace1
Indirect clean hot air furnace2
Indirect clean hot air furnace3
Indirect clean hot air furnace

CapicitySupport Customization

Heat Source


Capicity: Cycle: 30-50(day)

Range of application
This furnace is adaptable to such industries as grain processing, chemicals, printing and dyeing, dregs drying, feedstuff, fertilizer, building material, and mining etc..

Indirect clean hot air furnace

1.High heat efficiency with an efficiency of no less than 75%.
2.Highly mechanized, stable running, and convenient operation.
3.The larger the heat exchange area, the higher the thermal conversion rate, the better the energy saving effect.
4.Adaptable to a variety of coals with heat generation value of no less than 1.87×104kJ/kg(4500kcal/kg).
5.Applicable to almost all types of dryers.
6.Long service life (burner ≥10 years, heat exchanger ≥5 years).
7.Applicable to various industries.

National Patent

Low Operating Costs

Strong Stability

Mature Case

Product Working Principle

Different from direct heating coal-fired furnace, indirect heating coal-fired hot air furnace is mainly adaptable to that drying equipment for dry material not permitted to pollution, or applies to low temperature heat sensitive material, such as dryers for cereal grain, milk powder, pharmacy, synthetic resin and fine chemicals etc.. Indirect coal-fired hot air furnace adopts all steel heat exchanger to effectively prevent some harmful components like soot or sulfides entering into the drying process to affects the quality of cereal grain.

Indirect clean hot air furnace

Technical Parameters
Model Ⅲ-2 Ⅲ-3 Ⅲ-4 Ⅲ-5 Ⅲ-6 Ⅲ-8 Ⅲ-10 Ⅲ-12 Ⅲ-14 Ⅲ-16
Heat supply Kcal/h 120×106 180×106 240×106 300×106 360×106 480×106 600×106 720×106 840×106 960×106
Volume(kw) 13 23 27 33 41 55 74 74 81 101
Exhaust air temperature (℃)










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