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Factors affecting the service life of bean dregs dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-17  

  The use method and steps of bean dregs dryer have a lot to do with the life of the equipment. Based on many years of experience, our company has summarized the main factors affecting the service life of bean dregs dryer so that your bean dregs dryer can maximize extend your life.

bean dregs dryer

  1. If the bean dregs dryer is used for a long time, the internal heating tube will be corroded and leaked, especially the leak of the weld joint of the steam distributor, which not only causes hidden dangers but also greatly affects the site environment. In response to this situation, a full-scale inspection of the equipment should be carried out regularly to find faults in time and clear them.

  2. Because the overall operation of the bean dregs dryer is low-speed and heavy-duty operation, the bearing cage and balls often wear and even cause the bearing to become stuck. At the same time, the temperature of the bearing component packing is too high, and the aging of the packing causes serious deterioration of the sealing performance leakage at the junction of the powder heat exchange tube and the elbow. It is important to properly select the pressure that the bearing of the dryer can bear.

  3. The rollers of the bean dregs dryer have different degrees of surface flaking and pitting, and the contact surface is uneven. The vibration of the unit is intensified, the alignment is shifted, and the barrel is misaligned in the horizontal direction. The rolling rings and blocking wheels are severely worn, part of the discharge pipeline is deformed, and the sealing effect at the inlet and outlet ends becomes poor. To regularly check the equipment, the design of the heat removal port must be reasonable, and a suitable heat carrier should be selected.

  The introduction of the above factors affecting the service life of bean dregs dryer is based on the safe production of bean dregs dryer and the protection of the interests of users. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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