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Two functions of food waste feed dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-16  

  The equipment that has important functions for improving drying and sterilization in the food waste feed conversion process is the kitchen waste dryer, which achieves drying of the sorted food waste through high-temperature drying, and has a certain sterilization function to make food waste converted into feed healthier.

kitchen waste dryer

  The catering waste drum dryer is divided into single-layer drum and three-layer drum, which can dry and treat catering waste with high efficiency and high yield. The catering waste drum dryer is divided into single-layer drum and three-layer drum, which can dry and treat catering waste with high efficiency and high yield. It is suggested that customers with a daily output of more than ten tons can use single-layer tumble dryers, and customers with tens of tons to more than 100 tons recommend using three-layer tumble dryers with a small footprint and high heat utilization. The principle of the catering waste dryer is that the wet waste material enters the tumble dryer under the action of the screw conveyor, and is in full contact and heat exchange with the high-temperature hot air output from the hot blast stove in the dryer drying area. During this process, The spiral conveyor belt of the tumble dryer and the L-shaped guide plate work together to form a uniform material curtain for the catering waste. Hot air crosses the cross section and is constantly in contact and heat exchange, so as to achieve high-humidity catering waste drying.

  The specifications of catering waste dryer can be customized. Manufacturers carry out targeted technical design according to the customer's daily output, existing resources and budget, etc., and finally tailor-made the ideal catering waste feed dryer for customers.

  A catering garbage feed dryer not only requires high performance, high output and low energy consumption, but also requires manufacturers to provide a full range of comprehensive services, including pre-sales, sales and after-sales, to provide customers with more comprehensive equipment information and markets information to better understand project operating costs. Zhengzhou Dingli comprehensively ensures that customers benefit in a tangible manner and have long-term benefits.

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