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Tips for maintaining your lees dryer in cold weather

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-12  

  The extreme changes in weather have adversely affected the production of brewer's grain dryers. In the daily production, we must pay more attention to the maintenance of the equipment. So how to maintain the lees dryer in the cold season?

brewer's grain dryer

  1. Before starting the equipment, carefully check whether each component is in a normal state, such as checking the state of each switch connection, whether the screws and bolts are loose, whether the lubricant is sufficient, and whether there are residual substances in the drying cylinder. If any unqualified phenomenon is found, it shall be dealt with immediately.

  2. Check whether the lees raw materials contain impurities to ensure the purity of the materials and avoid production failures.

  3. When using the equipment, start the machine in strict accordance with the startup sequence of the manual. When running, pay attention to the bearing conditions of the motor, reducer and various transmission components to ensure the stability of the voltage.

  4. The equipment should be fed as uniformly as possible to ensure the efficiency and quality of production.

  5. Check the fire tube ablation and the furnace wall in time to ensure the normal operation of the heating furnace. If there is any abnormal phenomenon or sound, immediately stop the inspection and deal with it in time.

  6. After the lees dryer is finished, the equipment is shut down strictly in accordance with the shutdown sequence.

  7. When the equipment is not in use, it is necessary to clean up and remove the remaining material in the drum in a timely manner, fill each lubrication point with lubricating oil, and add it regularly and quantitatively.

  8. Generally, the lees dryer operates in the open air. Pay attention to the anticorrosion and rust management of the equipment to ensure the service life of the equipment.

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