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Get to know a complete sawdust drying line quickly

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-12  

  With the continuous development of social and economic construction, the demand for the drying market is increasing year by year. The current sawdust processing method can no longer meet the market demand. In addition to the impact of environmental protection policies, the sawdust dryer market needs to grow rapidly.

sawdust drying production line

  Taking the sawdust drying production line as an example, when choosing equipment, the plan analysis should be carried out according to conditions such as site, sawdust characteristics, and processing requirements. Only meeting these production requirements can maximize the value of the sawdust drying line equipment.

  Generally speaking, the sawdust drying production line on the market includes 6 systems: raw material loading system, combustion heating system, drying and dewatering system, environmental protection dust removal system, power distribution measurement and control system, and product transportation system. These systems are reasonably combined and cooperate with each other, improve the efficiency of sawdust drying production line.

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