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Energy-saving bean dreg dryer is gradually becoming intelligent

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-19  

  With the development of technology, the intelligentization of machinery has been gradually popularized and developed. As an important part of mechanical equipment, the development direction of the production of the dryer has gradually become more intelligent. The energy-saving bean dregs dryer produced by our company reflects the intelligent characteristics of its production and processing processes.

bean residue dryer

  The intelligent development of the bean dreg dryer is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

  1. Intelligent functions such as self-diagnosis of the dryer and remote communication in the operating state make the management of the dryer convenient, fault diagnosis becomes easy, and the skill requirements for maintenance personnel are also reduced.

  2. Reduce product types and streamline production processes. The production of the bean dregs dryer realizes the function of remote positioning and can automatically control the production process. In order to reduce the types of dryers, these intelligent methods will continue to improve and be tested and recognized in production and in the market.

  3. Digital communication. The corresponding digital communication tools are installed on the dryer, and the automation and intelligent control of the equipment can be performed in real time, which is efficient and quick for production.

  The innovation of technology guarantees the high efficiency of production, and the intelligent control becomes more and more efficient, humanized, automated and convenient. The emergence of intelligent control has far-reaching significance for the soybean slag dryer to improve economic efficiency.

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