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Application of cassava dregs dryer in different fields

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-19  

  The cassava slag produced during the processing of cassava is a recyclable production material that can be used to produce feed, spices, and ingredients in chemical products. Since the cassava slag contains moisture and is highly viscous, it is necessary to use a dewatering tool to remove moisture as a raw material. Dingli Cassava Dregs Dryer specializes in the removal of cassava residue moisture, with fewer failures, lower maintenance costs and lower power consumption. The overall system has good sealing performance, and is equipped with a complete dust removal device. The operating environment is good, and it has been put into production by many manufacturers, and has achieved good results. Next, I will analyze the contribution of the cassava dregs dryer in different fields, so that the users can better use the machine to increase economic income.

cassava residue dryer

  Dried cassava residue after drying can be used in the following industries:

  1. Edible fields: gelatinized foods, additive seasonings, dumplings, dumplings, instant noodles, etc.;

  2. Feed field: additive for feed processing. This product is mixed with fishmeal, yeast and various fish feed additives and added with water to make feed. It has viscosity and elasticity. It has a long time in water and improves the utilization rate of feed;

  3. Casting field: used as casting sanding core, adhesive, strong adhesive force, no burning bubbles when the molten metal is introduced, no bubbles in the product, smooth surface.

  Proper use of the cassava slag dryer can make a huge amount of resources play a huge role. The machine has good drying effect and advanced technology. It is an essential production tool for users. It has pointed out the direction for the economic development of the company. At the same time, it also implements the policy of developing a green economy. Welcome to consult us.

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