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Unique installation program for bean dregs dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-16  

  In the drying field, the production of the bean dregs dryer has a good effect on the selection and sales of the drying equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of drying equipment. The new bean dregs dryer has excellent equipment and superior performance. Today, our technicians teach you a few simple tips to familiarize yourself with the unique installation method of the bean dregs dryer.

soybean residue dryer

  The installation of the bean slag dryer must be guided by a professional engineer:

  The first thing to do to install the bean dregs dryer equipment is to check the parts shipped to the site according to the transportation list and check and accept them. The level of the dryer is corrected by a level meter, and the cooling section, the lower drying section, and the upper drying section are sequentially assembled on the ground according to the drawings. Lifting the grain discharge section to the foundation, after the leveling is leveled, the machine base is welded with the pre-embedded plate on the foundation, and then the cooling section, the lower drying section and the upper drying section are sequentially hoisted in place according to the drawings. After connecting the connection layers, install the grain storage section and the top of the tower. Link hot air duct, cold air duct system. Install the air cooler and hot air volume adjustment device to connect to the air duct system. Install the electronic control system.

  The installation method of the new bean residue dryer has been simply introduced to everyone. The installation and use of mechanical equipment is essential for safe production. The equipment with superior performance, excellent quality and safe use is the equipment that users really want to purchase. Welcome to consult us!

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