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Method for maintenance of brewer's grain dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-16  

  When using the brewer's grain dryer, sometimes we do not use it according to the correct method of use in order to improve the drying efficiency, resulting in the wear and deterioration of the dryer. The result is that efficiency may increase in a short period of time, but from the perspective of long-term development, it is most important to do the maintenance of the drying equipment.

brewer's grain dryer

  Care and maintenance should be taken when using the distiller's grains dryer:

  1. The drying efficiency of the distiller's dryer depends largely on the quality of the combustion chamber. Therefore, when using the dryer, special attention must be paid to the combustion chamber, blower and dust removal equipment.

  2. It takes an hour to ignite the furnace before the distiller's dryer is activated. All auxiliary equipment should be inspected, including the various transmission parts and bracket parts of the dryer. Be sure to pay attention to tightening, normal and reliable before starting.

  (1) Before igniting the furnace, check the furnace, feeding device, combustion chamber, slag in the pit, furnace raft, furnace door, air duct, regulating valve and blower, dust collector and other equipment.

  (2) Before opening the distiller's grain dryer, carefully check the tools, fuel, and transmission support devices to lubricate all the bearings and friction surfaces. All parts must be inspected carefully.

  (3) The step of starting the distiller dryer is to start the dryer motor first, then open the transport wet material device and then start the dry material conveying equipment to form a continuous and uniform operation procedure.

  3. During the operation of the distiller dryer, the temperature of each part of the bearing should be checked frequently. The temperature should not exceed 50 °C, and the gear response is stable. The transmission, support and cylinder rotation shall have no obvious impact, vibration and transmission, and the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment shall be performed frequently. The contents shall include:

  (1) All bolt fasteners should not be loose.

  (2) Always pay attention to the rotation and the wheel, the contact situation of the tug.

  (3) The windshield and gear cover should not have cracks and frictional damage.

  (4) All parts should be properly lubricated.

  The above are some specific maintenance methods for the BSG dryer. The brewer's grain dryer is a special drying equipment, which is widely used and is the best-selling drying equipment on the market. If you have any needs, please come to our factory and purchase!

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