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The difference between the flash dryer and the air flow dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-12  

  When choosing a dryer, many customers don’t know how to choose. For example, if there is a customer, his product is a rubber accelerator. This material is more suitable for airflow dryers, but the final water required by the customer is 0.2%. In this case, the airflow dryer is not suitable, because his requirements have reached the requirements of precise drying, and the airflow dryer can not achieve such an effect, so the flash dryer should be selected. What is the difference between flash dryer and air flow dryer?

spin flash dryer

  First of all, the flash dryer is also a gas flow dryer in theory, but the flash dryer is a special kind of one of them. Their drying principle is common. The hot air is used to bring the animal material to make it move and heat transfer, and then the water in the material is evaporated and taken away.

  The big difference between flash dryer and airflow dryer is that the hot air flow has a different running track. The flash dryer has a main part with a reverse tapered design. The hot air enters the tangential direction from the side of the main unit and enters the main unit from the gap between the reverse cone and the outer casing, and then forms a strong swirling airflow. The airflow in the airflow dryer is straight, and the airflow can only be added by adding the length of the pipe (and adding the wind pressure of the fan accordingly). This greatly increases the drying power of the flash dryer.

  It is precisely because of the common design of the flash dryer that it becomes a fine drying equipment for the drying of solid powder materials, and the final water can be controlled below 1%. The first-stage air dryer does not achieve this effect.

  Another difference is that the flash dryer is also equipped with a dispersing device in the main unit, which can also be dried for those block materials. The airflow dryer cannot support the drying of bulk materials. Of course, the advantage of the airflow dryer for the flash dryer is that it occupies a small area, and most of its pipelines and equipment can be settled in the air.

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