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How to prevent condensation in the brewer's grain dryer in winter?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-11  

  In the winter, the operation of the distiller's dryer needs to be adjusted accordingly to adapt to the cold winter. When the temperature of the surface of the beer grain drying equipment is lower than the dew point temperature of the nearby air, the condensed water will appear in the equipment, commonly known as condensation. How to prevent condensation in the brewer's grain dryer?

brewer's grain dryer

  Dingli research found that adding insulation cotton on the surface of the distiller's dryer to ensure the temperature of the body, strengthen the sealing of the dust removal device, can prevent condensation caused by air leakage. At the same time, some paints can be used to prevent the occurrence of condensation. The surface and the surface of each accessory are coated with anti-corrosive paint, which has both thermal insulation and good water resistance and strong hygroscopicity.

  Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the accessories are in good condition before the operation. After the dryer is put into operation, the operation of the dryer production line is guaranteed to be correct, and the correct process and fire prevention measures are ensured. During the maintenance of the equipment, especially when performing thermal operations such as welding, cutting, silver welding or soldering, the license system must be strictly observed. Special attention should be paid to the safety equipment and maintenance work that is prone to generate fire source equipment.

  In order to ensure the safety of the distiller's dryer in winter, it can be guaranteed by certain measures and methods. The above safety management and operation contents are the experience summary of Dingli in production. For more informations, you can consult us online.

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