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How long is the service life of wood chips dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-23  

  The depreciation rate of the wood chip dryer is a topic of concern to the user, and it mainly depends on the user's later operation and maintenance. After the transfer of the sawdust dryer project, users have a great influence on the depreciation rate of their driving ability and production norm.

wood chips dryer

  Some users use open-air drying, which undoubtedly makes the wood chip dryer face the wind and sun, and the drying machinery with carbon steel structure is more damaged, shortening the life of the wood chip dryer is inevitable. The use of a simple shed has undoubtedly reduced the erosion of the external environment, with little investment and long-term benefits.

  According to the standard operation, after the production is quantified, the determined bearing capacity of the wood chip dryer is not to be broken in an emergency situation. Otherwise, the damage to the equipment hardware caused by the overload operation is also huge, and the safety hazard is long-term. Manufacturers have a certain yield elasticity when designing wood chip dryers, but if the time control and quantity control are overrun, the consequences are serious.

  It is necessary to carry out the shutdown maintenance of the sawdust dryer in a certain cycle. On the one hand, it reduces the damage of the hardware, and timely replaces the structural components that are seriously damaged by the shape or pressure, which is beneficial to the long-term operation of the wood chip dryer, on the other hand, on a regular basis lubrication, cleaning and other aspects of maintenance, reduce equipment resistance, reduce energy consumption while reducing operating and maintenance costs, and reduce equipment depreciation rate.

  Therefore, reducing the depreciation rate of the wood chip dryer while reducing energy consumption and improving drying efficiency requires detailed and regular maintenance.

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