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Mesh Belt Dryer For Vegetable and Fruit

Belt Width(m): 1.0~2.0

Operation Temperature(°C): 30~350

Drying Time(h): 0.1~3

Product Introduction:

  Mesh belt dryer is a kind of drying equipment that through electrical heating, steam heating and natural gas heating in taking advantage of steel mesh as transmission band to carry materials for continuous drying. Applies to the bulk material, strip, sheet, granular and other economic crops, such as: melon seeds, peanuts, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, Chinese wolfberry, red dates, medicinal herbs, melons, vegetables, fruits, etc..

mesh belt dryer for vegetable and fruit

Product Working Principle:

  The principle of Mesh belt dryer: Materials are uniformly put on the mesh-belt by the feeder. The mesh-belt uses generally 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire net and it is drawn and moved inside the drier by a transmission device. The drier is composed of several units. For each unit, the hot air is circulated separately. Some exhausted gas is discharged with a special moisture elimination blower. The waste gas is controlled through an adjustment valve. The hot air passes through the mesh-belt covered with the material from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top and this will complete the heat and mass transfer process. This process will bring the material water away. The mesh-belt moves slowly, Running speed can be freely adjusted according to the material temperature. The final products after drying will fall into the material collector continuously. The top and low circulation units can be freely equipped according to the users’ demand. The unit number can be selected according to the demand.

working principle of vegetable dryer

Product Features:

1. The dry speed is fast, it is suitable for drying thermal sensitive material particularly.
2. The quality of product can be maintained.
3. Small space occupation. 
4. It’s operation is simple and stable and its control is simple and convenient.

Technical Parameters:

Model Number of unit Belt width(m) Length of drying section(m) Thickness of raw material(mm) Operation temperature(°C) Drying time(h) Overall dimensions Number of plies
L(m) W(m) H(m)
WDG1.0-6 1 1.0 6 10~40 30~200 0.1~1.0 8.5 2.1 2.1 2-3
WDG1.0-8 2 8 10.5
WDG1.5-8 2 1.5 8 30~100 50~300 0.2~2.5 11.8 3.1 4.1 3-5
WDG1.5-12 3 12 15.8
WDG1.5-16 4 16 19.8
WDG1.5-20 5 20 23.8
WDG1.5-24 6 24 27.8
WDG2.0-9.0 2 2.0 9 30~200 80~350 0.5~3.0 12.8 3.6 4.1 3-7
WDG2.0-13.5 3 13.5 17.4
WDG2.0-18 4 18 21.8
WDG2.0-22.5 5 22.5 26.4
WDG2.0-27 6 27 30.8
WDG2.0-31.5 7 31.5 35.4