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Small Dual Recycle Type Grain Dryer

Model: 15t/22.5t

Apply: Corn, rice, wheat

Method of drying: Circulating and continuous

Effective volume(m³): 20/30

Continuous processing capacity(t/d): 50/60

Recycle drying reduce rate(%/h): 0.8~2.0

Product Introduction:

  The machine is the first small continuous and circulating grain dryer with national patent (Patent No.: ZL 201320646470.6). The machine can use different drying processes flexibly according to different moisture level of grains to improve drying efficiency, save energy and ensure the grain quality after drying. Use continuous drying process for low-moisture raw grain which will be discharged directly after dried for the first time. Use circulating drying process for high-moisture raw grain which will be circulated into the dryer with the circulating delivery system for the second drying. The moisture level of grain will be tested in real time at the exit of dryer. Until the safe-moisture level is reached, will the discharge valve be started to discharge grain out of the dryer.

Product Working Principle:

Small dual recycle type grain dryer

Product Features:

1. The circulating drying process extends the drying time without increasing height of the dryer, ensuring the drying effect on high-moisture raw grains, saving the cost and reducing the floor space.
2. The multi-layer horn box structure inside the dryer makes the exchange between grain layers and hot air more thoroughly and evenly.
3. The patented six-impeller grain discharge mode makes the grain discharge on the whole section of dryer more evenly and thoroughly.
4. The dryer is set multiple emergency grain discharge ports for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.
5. Coal or straw, wood and other biomass fuels are taken as fuels of hot blast stove. The combustion efficiency is high, significantly reducing the fuel cost.
6. Hand-fired hot blast stove and efficient steel tubular heat exchanger with the integrated structure of hot blast stove and heat exchanger are equipped. The hot blast stove is built overall, high in strength and durable.
7. On-line tester of grain moisture is equipped. The whole machine adopts one-touch intelligent automatic control and touch-screen operation interface, intuitive in display and easy to operate, and has manual control mode and automatic hot-blast temperature adjustment function.

Technical Parameters: