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Food Residue Dryer

Capacity(t/d): 76.93~204.72

Power( kw): 28~125

Area(㎡): 8*12~10*20

Product Introduction:

  Dingli Brand three layer single channel food residue rotary drum dryer(patent number:ZL2009 2 0089749.2). The equipment has the advantages of large production, high efficiency, energy saving and small floor area. It can used together with the clean hot air furnace and  suitable for drying high moisture materials such as food residue and so on. The moisture can be dried quickly from 65-75% to 14-18% at a time, and the dry food residue completely retains its original nutritional components, with bright colors and delicate scent. Comparing with the traditional dryer, the energy consumption can be reduced 30-50%, which can save  energy and reduce the operating cost.
  The dryer is suitable for food residue, oat straw, wheat straw, rye straw, straw, sorghum straw, corn straw, potato vines, bean stalks,etc.  Dingli company optimizes the drying technology and equipment selection and configuration service according to the characteristics of each material, the size of production, the quality requirements, the application demand, the cost control, the automatic degree, the field working condition, the investment quota and so on.

Product Working Principle:

  Material Flow: the raw material with 75-85% moisture will be sent into the dewatering machine, and then the moisture will be reduced to 60-65%, then feed into the dryer by screw conveyor, concurrent flow drying. Under the effect of inner shoveling plate, materials are took and scattered constantly, and move in spiral forward method. Through three layers (inner, middle and outer layer), heat exchange are realized between material and hot air medium. The materials that achieve drying effect move forward fast and are discharged out of the roller. Wet materials that still don’t achieve drying effect couldn’t move fast due to self-weight, and are dried completely during the controlling route, thus achieving drying effect. . After the whole drying process is completed, materials are discharged by screw conveyor. The final moisture will be reduced to 14-18% (can be adjusted according to buyer’s requirement). there is special device inside the dryer, can prevent the unequal drying of materials.
  Air Flow: through hot blast stove and air blower inflating, the air enters into the hot blast stove for combustion heating. Its temperature reaches up to 600-850℃, then it is inhaled by the dryer induced draft fan to dry material and evaporate water. When temperature decreases to 55-60℃, it is discharged out of the dryer. Wet air containing dust are discharged on standard through dust remover purifying.

flow chart

Product Features:

1. In accordance with customer requirements, the dryer can realize intelligent control, one key operation, automatic control of operating parameters, and the dryer is always in the best state of operation to ensure that the dried material is even stable and more energy saving than the traditional dryer.
2. One-time quick completion of moisture from 60-65% to 14-18%, material temperature is always lower than 50 ℃, dry material completely retained the original nutrients, bright color, fragrant in odor.
3. With four motors drive, the transmission is more stable and reliable.
4. Frequency control is used to control material flow, and the final moisture requirement can be easily adjusted according to users' needs.
5. Cylinder self insulation thermal efficiency of up to 70% (traditional single dryer dryer thermal efficiency is only 35%), improve the thermal efficiency of more than 30%.
6.Compared with the single cylinder dryer, it reduces the occupation of land by about 50%, and the investment in civil engineering is reduced by about 50%.
7. Modular dust collection and purification, heat recovery and utilization configuration, safety and environmental protection.
8. A number of new type of energy-saving clean hot air stove, fuel can be diesel, gas, coal, wood, wood chips, straw, straw and so on, and efficient energy saving, heating controlled, simple operation, energy consumption down to 30%, electricity consumption reduced by 20%, lower operation cost.

Technical Parameters:

Specification DLCG2006/3 DLCG2008/3 DLCG2010/3 DLCG2012/3 DLCG2212/3 DLCG2512/3
Input Capacity(t/day) 76.93 105.19 133.45 161.71 183.05 204.72
Output(t/day) 1.08-0.27 1.48-0.37 1.88-0.46 2.57-0.64 2.92-0.72 3.26-0.81
Evaporation Capacity(t/h) 0.61 0.84 1.06 1.45 1.65 1.84
Raw Material Moisture(%) 45-75%
Dried Material Moisture(%) 14-18% (Adjustable)
Drying temperature(℃) 280±30℃ (Average temperature)
Total Power(kw) 28-35 45-66 56-78 60-82 65-85 90-125
Total Weight(kg) 19500 22000 24000 25500 27000 38000
Area 8m*12m 8m*15m 8m*18m 8m*20m 8m*20m 10m*20m