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Lignite Dryer

Capacity(t/d): 500-2000

Initial Moisture (%): 30~60

Final Moisture(%):17±5

Motor Power(kw):156-560

Covering Area(m2): 8*40-15*55

Product Introduction:

  Lignite is a crude form of coal,which is peat by diagenesis formed humic coal, low degree of coalification, brown, dark brown, dark or asphalt luster,no caking.Its physical and chemical properties between peat and bituminous coal.High moisture, large volatile matter,small density, containing humic acid, oxygen content is often 15 ~ 30%, easy weathering fracture in the air, spontaneous combustion in the air.According to Chinese coal classification standard is divided into two small categories: light transmittance PM 30-50% of old age lignite and PM less than or equal to 30% of young lignite.China and Indonesia lignite are elderly lignite.
  Dingli  engaged in coal, coal slurry drying industry for many years, through the physical and chemical properties of coal and lignite drying temperature, pressure, air speed and oxygen quantity such related parameter research,Dingli establish lignite dryer test base in Inner Mongolia, after many experiments demonstrate technology research, successfully developed for lignite drying and lignite upgrade equipment.Our company lignite dryer can reduce the moisture of lignite 25-60% to 15-30%, after processing the calorific value of coal can reach 30-80%, direct as a substitute for thermal coal, bituminous coal and anthracite used in power plants.The technical equipment through has been running in China's Inner Mongolia, yunnan, xinjiang and Indonesia,it is security, stability, energy conservation, environmental protection,which has a huge and potential market, suitable for various coal mining enterprises.

lignite rotary drum dryer

Product Working Principle:

  The drying and dewatering process of lignite dryer is complicated, and the drying process must be selected according to the physical and chemical properties of lignite, so that the movement of lignite during the drying process is stable or rolling, and the evaporation surface is constantly changed, which is conducive to the rapid evaporation of water and safety.
The drying process of lignite dryer is similar and different from that of other minerals. According to the principle, lignite can be regarded as preheating section or accelerated drying section when it meets with high-temperature flue gas immediately after it is dried. The medium temperature is not beneficial for more than 600℃, and the time is about 5 minutes.
Water evaporated, and then go in constant speed drying stage, for the most part heat from hot air used in the evaporation of water, surface water evaporation, water from the dry material inside to outside move, to continue the amount of evaporation, the evaporation of water per unit time is more, by dry material temperature basic remain unchanged, the overflow between water surface evaporation and their internal water out of balance, material surface temperature was dry, and gradually narrowed, hot air temperature in hot conditions and the evaporation of water in the dry material balance, as a slow drying stage, until the end of the drying process.

Product Features:

  1. The level of lignite dryer implantation, zero thrust, no burden of axial force.Effectively reduce the taper roller ring wear, prolong the service life of the bearing, reduce the accident rate, improve equipment running rate, reduce the maintenance cost.
  2.The uniform scatters make the material curtain more complete and and get the full  heat exchange between the material and the hot air, the unit heat consumption index below 800 kcal/kg · H2O, so more energy efficient.
  3. The exhaust fumes temperature close to the dew point temperature, humidity near saturation, significantly reduce the cost.
  4. Free water on the surface of high wet materials sing medium temperature,and the structure of low humidity material water, bound water is treated by low temperature, make full use of the "hot" and "wet" two substances potential energy for power, which will not cause metal thermal deformation, and save the energy, make the equipment operation more secure.
  5. Lignite dryer system adopts new technology, suitable for all kinds of lignite water reducing characteristics, operating temperature is lower than the ignition temperature, even if no inert gas displacement, also it won't cause fire.
  6. Good energy-saving regulation system: (1) temperature interlock spreading;(2) adjustable rate of controllable;(3) The optimal state of water reducing capability;(4) negative oxygen state run;(5) the system pressure interlock controlling.

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity(T/D) Initial moisture (%) Final moisture (%) Motor power (kw) Covering area (m2)
DLHG2220 500 30~60 17±5 156 8*40
DLHG2525 700 30~60 17±5 258 8*45
DLHG2830 1000 30~60 17±5 320 10*50
DLHG3432 1500 30~60 17±5 480 12*50
DLHG4035 2000 30~60 17±5 560 15*55
Note: equipment production capacity and related to lower moisture of  lignite, large amount of water reduce rate, equipment capacity reduced accordingly.Due to the difference time of lignite forming, Indonesia lignite moisture is 40 ~ 65%, Australian coal moisture 50 ~ 75%, and Inner Mongolia coal moisture is 25 ~ 42%, yunnan lignite moisture generally is 30 ~ 45%.