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Ukrainian customers inspect our organic fertilizer dryer equipment

Date: 04-02-2019 Author: admin

  Compared with Zhengzhou Dingli's first-line after-sales engineers, Zhengzhou Dingli's operators are not much easier, and customer visits are increasing rapidly. On the 30th, Ukrainian customers came to visit our company's organic fertilizer dryers, and the two sides focused on organic fertilizer drying technology. Through in-depth exchanges and discussions, the client gave a very positive evaluation.

  Zhengzhou Dingli has been operating industrial tumble dryers for more than ten years. With the globalization of the company's business, overseas customers' visit rates and transaction rates continue to rise, often culminating in March each year, and in 2019 is no exception, customers in March. The visit rate has increased by 3%, which is also a better affirmation of the company's efforts for the company for more than ten years.

  After in-depth technical exchanges, Ukrainian customers, accompanied by the technical director, visited and inspected the tumble dryer production and processing workshops of our company. Our technical engineers simultaneously gave customers more intuitive questions about drying technology.

  At present, the two sides are conducting deep-seated negotiations on cooperation, and everything is going well. The new progress of follow-up projects will continue to be reported, so stay tuned.

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