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Romanian sawdust dryer installation and commissioning completed

Date: 04-09-2019 Author: admin

  In addition to the continuous completion of domestic projects, Dingli's projects in foreign countries have also been completed. At present, sawdust drying project built by our company in Romania has completed the installation and commissioning work equipment.

  Dingli Sawdust Drying Production Line Equipment is one of our mature products. The processing route adopts a combination of dry drying, continuous feeding and regulated feeding. The bulk density, particle density and heat value are high. It can realize large-scale, continuous and stable production and meet the needs of industrialization of biomass pellet fuel. At present, Dingli Sawdust Drying Production Line has been exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Russia, etc., and it is more local enterprises to dry while expanding the company's sales business. Handling wood chips and facilitating the energy utilization of wood chips biomass. This time, our wood chip drying project in Romania has applied our new process drying equipment. The production line is very important from equipment design, installation and commissioning. Emphasis, with more than ten years of project construction experience The technical team pays more attention to the quality of the project and builds a high-quality drying project for the customer. At present, the equipment has been officially put into production, which is believed to bring convenience to the local treatment of sawdust.

  Dingli sawdust drying production line equipment supports customization, can meet the needs of different customers, complete specifications and models, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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