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Introduction to the unloading device for the potato residue drying production line

Date: 08-04-2018 Author: admin

  The use of unloading accessories plays an important role in  potato residue drying line entire process. If the unloader is not working properly, the process will cause some stagnation. For example, drying of potato residue can not be carried out. And at the same time, it is squeezed in the dryer drum, which will cause efficiency of production line to be low, and heavy production will cause entire production line equipment. 

  There are three main types of unloading methods commonly found in potato dregs drying production lines: one is axial unloading: raw material is automatically discharged at the lower end of the drum. If you want to keep the material in the cylinder with a certain thickness, you can install an annular retaining ring at the end of potato dregs drum. The barrel end can also be tapered. The other is the central unloading method: at this time, the drum is equipped with 3~4 scoops at the discharge end, and after the material is picked up, it is poured into the discharge pipe at the center of the cylinder and discharged. In the radial unloading method, a plurality of holes are opened in the cylinder at the discharge end, and the materials are discharged from the holes. Such as the cylindrical sieve and the cement clinker heat exchange cooling cylinder are used to discharge the valve. These three are common methods of unloading.

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