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Dregs treatment equipment- Chinese medicine residue treatment production line supporting equipment

Date: 08-09-2018 Author: admin
  What should be done to change medicine residue from waste to resources? What are the slag handling equipment? The first is medicine residue dehydrator, which uses a dregs extruder to remove water content of about 20%, followed by a medicine residue dryer, which is further dehydrated according to customer requirements to  requirements of medicine residue treatment process. Medicine residue can be used for dregs feed, dregs organic fertilizer, dregs pellet fuel and etc. And medicine residue dehydration drying equipment is matched with it to form different production lines of dregs treatment equipment.
  1. Dregs feed processing equipment
  The medicinal residue feed processing equipment mainly includes: a dregs screening machine, a pulverizer, a dewatering machine, a dryer, a mixing mixer, a canning machine, and then a finished product of the medicated slag. The process is simple and the cycle is short.
  Second, medicine residue pellet fuel processing equipment
  Medicine residue pellet fuel processing equipment mainly includes a mixer, a pulverizer, a dewatering machine, a dryer, a granulator, and then is made into a slag pellet fuel, which belongs to an environmental protection project, meets environmental protection requirements. And it is more capable of obtaining a corresponding national subsidy fund. The production cycle is short, fuel cost is low, process is simple, and equipment is streamlined.
  Third, medicine residue organic fertilizer processing equipment
  Medicine residue organic fertilizer processing equipment mainly comprises a mixer, a mixed fermenter, an anaerobic fermenter, a granulator, a dryer, a chiller, a sieving machine and a filling machine, and then is made into a finished product of medicinal residue organic fertilizer. The demand for the finished product market is large, and the sales of traditional Chinese medicine slag organic fertilizer are good, and customers benefit more quickly and more obviously.
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