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Dingli straw dryer boosts the development of straw resources

Date: 04-12-2019 Author: admin
  China's annual straw drying production is very large. In the past, due to people's lack of awareness of straw utilization, a large number of crop straws were abandoned or incinerated, resulting in a large amount of waste of resources and serious environmental pollution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, we are strongly promoting the use of straw in environmental protection, making it into feed or burning, and the prospects are generally optimistic. Dingli straw dryer is also recommended as one of the preferred equipment for the new development of straw utilization.
  Straw can be used as feed material. Crop straw contains crude protein, crude fiber, amino acid and other nutrients. Therefore, many enterprises use drying equipment and other production lines to process it into feed. In addition, straw can be crushed, dried and extruded. The process is made into pellet fuel, which is a new type of clean green fuel for direct combustion in biomass burners or various biomass boilers. It has the characteristics of flammable, low ash and low cost, and is widely used for heating and living. Stoves, biomass power plants, etc.
  The above two methods are common straw utilization methods, and the straw straw dryer is widely used for drying corn stover, soybean straw, cotton straw, wheat straw, sorghum straw, ginkgo leaf, mulberry leaf and the like. The powerful straw dryer uses the unique technology and technology developed by our technicians. The equipment has fast drying speed, large drying strength, short residence time, fully automatic control, stable and reliable operation, and guarantees the quality of the dried product. Production safety is reliable and the drying costs are greatly reduced. With its high efficiency and high yield, Dingli straw dryer has become the first choice for enterprises to use straw. At present, our company has cooperated with many customers to create a straw drying project to jointly promote the new development of straw utilization, and welcome more customers with needs to me. Division inspection consultation.

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