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Dingli's wood dryer process

Date: 07-31-2018 Author: admin

  While many materials can be used as a source of biomass, wood is the most common source material. The journey from tree to biomass dryer is a long one. Trees are first harvested for lumber, plywood, or whatever is the highest and best use based on the diameter of the tree. The lumber is cut from the tree to allow for the maximum size boards to be obtained. The remaining material can be reduced and used in particle board or other reconstituted products. Trees that are too small or low-grade may be immediately broken down into fiber.

  The remaining residuals offer minimal market value as-is, and in many cases, are processed for use as a biomass energy source. This is done by first grinding the material to produce a more uniform particle size and then drying material. After drying.If you are interested in our company of products, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order.

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