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Coal slime drying equipment price concessions

Date: 08-03-2018 Author: admin

Why does coal slime still need to be dried? First of all, the production of coal slime is inevitable. Clean coal combustion is the only good medicine for treating coal enterprises. The coal slurry produced by coal washing is inevitable. Secondly, the only result of coal slurry not drying and utilizing. The impact is pollution. For coal enterprises, it is undoubtedly the risk of being questioned or even stopped by the relevant departments. Finally, the coal blending and even direct incineration will produce certain economic benefits and reduce coal operating costs.

Dingli coal slime drying equipment manufacturers increase the price concessions, and at the same time, within a certain period of time, according to the activities launched on the shelves can enjoy more rights. Dingli insists on starting from customer needs, from customer consultation to project completion, reasonably planning technical processing, equipment specifications and supporting facilities for coal slime drying project, and installing and constructing the project production line, and giving more detailed technical guidance to ensure customers are relaxed. If you are interested in our company of products, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.


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