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Working principle of okara dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-04-27  

  Tofu (tofu dregs) is a combination of water and oil, and the moisture is not easy to handle. Based on this feature, our company has developed a complete set of okara dehydration and drying equipment.

okara dryer

  First, the soybean dregs are dehydrated by high pressure, and most of the water is immediately removed, and then enter the soybean dregs dryer. Under the action of a special feed plate and dry hot air, the okara moves back and forth in the direction opposite to the direction of the fresh and dry hot air, the process stroke is long, the temperature is relatively low, and the material runs slowly; In the dryer, the discharge temperature downstream of drying is only 40 ° C. In the entire production process of drying, the heat energy is fully utilized, and the heat of the bean dregs is even. Therefore, the dregs produced by the drying have good color, no paste, low energy consumption, and low hammering rate.

  Soybean dregs dryer is mainly composed of heat source, feed machine, rotating drum, unloader, induced draft fan, ship unloader and distribution cabinet. After the dehydrated wet okara enters the dryer, under the condition that the plates are evenly distributed, the uniform dispersion of the dryer and full contact with the hot air accelerate the heat and mass transfer of drying. In the drying production process, the soybean dregs are discharged from another meteor valve section of the dryer under the action of tilt and heat medium. Through careful analysis and research on the soybean residue, the process parameters of the production line, as well as the selection and design of the technical parameters and structure of each equipment were obtained, and verified by the actual soybean residue drying test. The scheme design fully takes into account the characteristics of high moisture content, high protein content and high viscosity of Okara, and adopts a series of unique processes and processes to solve it to ensure a good drying effect.

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