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What should we do if the heat loss of the wood chip dryer is serious?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-04-24  

  Sawdust drying requires sufficient heat. Once the heat loss is serious or the heat supply is insufficient, the drying rate of the wood chip dryer will quickly decline. How to prevent and reduce heat loss? Dingli technicians recommend starting from the following 3 points to reduce heat loss during drying and stabilize heat supply.

sawdust dryer

  1. Start with a heat source. Perform daily ash cleaning and regular inspections on the hot blast stove to prevent clogging of the inlets and vents and affect the ventilation effect. Check whether the furnace body emits smoke or fire. In addition, maintain the air supply and improve the fuel burnout rate.

  2. The thermal insulation of the main drum of the sawdust dryer. Although the three-layer drum is nested to form a good thermal insulation body, due to long-term use, weather or climate change, etc., the internal heat will leak out. Regular inspection and maintenance of the sealing device and welding place of the front and rear ends of the drum, and cracks should be dealt with in time.

  3. Mistakes in the control of the fan system will also cause the heat to dissipate too quickly. Therefore, when purchasing wood chip dryer equipment, it is necessary to consider whether the design of the manufacturer is reasonable, whether the temperature, air volume and other parameters match is reasonable, select the correct manufacturer, and reduce the operation error, reduce heat loss and ensure heat conversion rate.

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