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Essentials when purchasing the sawdust dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-04-11  

  Sawdust dryers are becoming more and more important. Customers generally only pay attention to the price, operating cost and product quality of the dryer when choosing a dryer. In fact, when choosing a dryer, it should combine its own use conditions and the conditions of the required drying materials to choose the type of emphasis, so as to reduce costs and increase output.

sawdust dryer

  First, some dryers with simple structure, high reliability, and convenient operation should be selected first. Such dryers generally do not have problems during work, and the repair and maintenance of these dryers are also simple and easy operating.

  Second, before selecting equipment, it is necessary to determine the moisture content of the wood chips, which heat source is used, and the amount of processing per hour, so that the manufacturer can make measurements.

  Third, the selected dryer should be able to meet the processing capacity and quality requirements of the materials after drying. The energy consumed is directly proportional to the amount of drying material. The thermal efficiency of the general conductive drying can reach 100%, while the convection type is only about 70%.

  Fourth, the dryer you choose should have a perfect after-sales service. The dryer will inevitably be damaged during the work process. With a perfect after-sales service, it can be repaired in time after the damage occurs, which greatly improves the work efficiency. At the same time, the manufacturer should be equipped with special installation instructors to guide during the installation process to avoid installation errors, thereby reducing the life of the dryer.

  Fifth, the exhaust gas emitted by the dryer needs to meet the standards, and at the same time, the safety performance should be high.

  As a professional sawdust dryer manufacturer, Zhengzhou Dingli supports customers 'private customized services to meet customers' special needs. Welcome customers to come to our company for purchase.

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