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How does an energy-efficient forage dryer work?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-03-30  

  The forage dryer designed by Zhengzhou Dingli produces strong dry hot air through a high-temperature furnace, so that the material directly contacts the hot air in the drying cylinder, and advances in a spiral and curve to achieve the purpose of drying.

forage grass dryer

  This unit contains: hot blast stove, dryer, conveyor, mower, separator, baler, fan, speed control motor, operation cabinet, etc. The unit can pass fresh pasture with a water content of 60% -75%. Cutting-conveying-drying-separating-bundling (granulation, milling), and maintaining the color, aroma and nutritional content of fresh grass. Ancillary equipment: hot air stove, dryer, conveyor, mower, baler, fan, speed control motor, operation cabinet, etc.

  Drying finished product: the color is green, the smell is aromatic, the color and nutrition of fresh grass are preserved, and the taste is good, which not only enhances the appetite of livestock, but also improves economic benefits.

  Next, let me tell you how the device works.

  The forage drying equipment designed by Zhengzhou Dingli generally adopts the form of drum, which has low cost, simple operation, large output and good drying efficiency. It mainly uses low-temperature hot air rapid drying technology for drying and dehydration. The forward or reverse current situation can be used to realize the heat exchange between the heated air and the wet green fodder. The wet green fodder enters the feeding end of the forage drying equipment through the feeding organization. Under the action, a uniform material curtain is formed through the material copying board, and the heated air is in full contact with the material curtain to achieve sufficient heat exchange. Finally, a dust removal device is introduced in the discharge area, and it is discharged into the atmosphere after purification. Heat exchange is the most critical part of forage drying equipment. It requires a variety of factors such as the material curtain, hot air volume, wind speed, temperature, the internal layout of the drying area, and the equipment pass rate to increase heat utilization and ensure drying. quality.

  Zhengzhou Dingli, as a professional manufacturer of forage dryers, has professional dryer manufacturing experience. We will individually customize according to the requirements of customers to design the most suitable solution for you. Looking forward to your visit to the factory.

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