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Broad prospects for investing in wood pellet mills

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-03-26  

  Biomass energy such as sawdust and wood chips are renewable energy sources, and are playing an increasingly important role in the energy industry. Biomass particulate fuels are becoming more and more important in biomass energy, and their development potential is huge. Wood pellets have unique advantages as biomass particulate fuels and have broad development space. With the continuous deterioration of the environment, people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, and the non-renewable nature of natural resources, people increasingly favor "low-carbon, environmentally friendly" biomass particulate fuels. In particular, sawdust and wood chips pellet fuel, with its simple production process, high product density, high calorific value, high combustion efficiency, and environmental protection, have made people's eyes for energy demand more aligned with sawdust and wood chip pellets.

wood pellet mill

  Background of rapid development of wood pellet mill

  1. Energy consumption continues to grow and the resource crisis is intensifying.

  2. The structural contradictions are prominent, and sustainable development is facing challenges: the coal-based energy consumption structure and the relatively extensive economic growth model have brought about many environmental and social problems. While enjoying the benefits brought by economic development, suffering from the harsh living environment, the sustainable development of the economy and society is also severely challenged due to the irrational energy structure. New energy development and utilization is imperative.

  3. Energy prices in the international market fluctuated violently and risk factors continued to increase.

  4. Energy efficiency needs to be improved, and the task of energy conservation and consumption reduction cannot be ignored.

  5. The level of science and technology is relatively backward, and independent innovation has a long way to go.

  6. The rural energy problem is outstanding, and the lagging appearance needs to be improved.

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