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Significance of sawdust dryer as biomass energy equipment

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-03-24  

  Wood chips as an important wood fuel and biomass energy have gradually been paid attention by various circles, and wood material products as biomass energy consumption are mainly divided into two categories: traditional biomass energy use, mainly for cooking food and heating; modern biomass energy use, the following mainly explains the significance of wood chips in the use of modern biomass energy.

  As a modern biomass energy use, wood chips are typically characterized by market transactions and are mainly used in the industrial, transportation, and commercial sectors. For example, it is used in metallurgy and steel industry, for thermal power generation and other industrial boiler fuels, or for refined fuels used in the production of commercial stoves. In addition, ethanol, biogas, etc. belong to the use of modern biomass energy. Biomass energy in the general sense refers to energy converted from organic waste such as plants, feces, and municipal solid waste.

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  According to different sources, biomass suitable for energy use can be divided into five categories: forestry resources, agricultural resources, domestic sewage and industrial organic waste, municipal solid waste, and animal manure. The characteristics of biomass energy include: renewable, low pollution, extensive distribution, and abundant sources of biomass fuel.

  Use of biomass energy such as sawdust: including crop straws, new firewood, etc. that are directly used as fuel; indirect fuels include agricultural and forestry waste, animal manure, garbage and algae, etc., which can generate biogas through the action of microorganisms.

  The main role of wood chip dryer is to dry wood chips, sawdust and other materials, so that it can play a greater role in the field of biomass energy, which is of great significance for the development of the energy field. In addition, as a source of biomass energy, sawdust is not only less polluting but also has a wide range of raw materials.

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