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Is electricity feasible as energy for straw dryers?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-03-21  

  The development of straw dryers has brought huge profits to many enterprises, but with the increasingly serious environmental problems and the country's gradual attention to environmental protection issues, the use of clean energy as the heat source of straw dryers is the current straw dryers.

straw drying equipment

  In the current market, there are many heat sources that use coal and fuel as the heat source, and they are also the main heat sources recommended by various manufacturers. Then some customers will ask if electricity is feasible? Electricity as a heat source has certain advantages but also has many problems.

  1. More environmentally friendly than traditional fuels

  Electricity as a heat source achieves zero emissions of pollution, and coal and oil as a heat source will emit harmful gases to some extent, causing pollution to the environment, so the use of electricity will be cleaner.

  2. High drying costs

  We must first consider the cost issue before drying the materials. It is an indisputable fact that the price of industrial electricity is high, and the technology of electricity as a heat source is still in its infancy and is not used in large areas.

  3. Conditions of use are too restrictive

  There are no excessive restrictions on the use of coal, fuel oil and other resources, unless the government has a clear rule that they can basically be used, and they are easy to buy and use. However, when power failure occurs, production will be affected, and the equipment will not run for work. It is especially easy to appear during the peak period of power consumption, which affects production.

  Therefore, we do not recommend electricity as a combustion heat source. Traditional heat sources are stable for electricity. Therefore, for equipment manufacturers, we prefer traditional fuels as combustion heat sources. If you need a straw dryer, please contact us, Zhengzhou Dingli will serve you wholeheartedly.

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