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How to avoid contamination of materials by using high temperature direct fire lees dryer technology?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-03-09  

  The large water content of beer lees, alcohol lees and other materials is the most important problem that restricts production costs. At present, the introduction of mechanical dehydration and high-temperature direct-fire rapid drying technology of lees developed by feed drying manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli has solved this problem.

distiller's grain dryer

  Since the high-temperature flue gas is used as the drying heat source, how to reduce the pollution of the flue gas to the materials has become a key issue to consider when selecting and designing the drying equipment. Generally, the pollution of the flue gas to the material can be reduced from two aspects. First of all, in the design of the hot blast stove, it is necessary to consider increasing the dust reduction treatment. In addition, the selection of the drying equipment and the design of the drying process are to reduce the drying time of the material as much as possible, that is, to use a high-temperature fast drying process.

  Using a direct-fired hot air stove as the heat source can not only obtain a higher drying air temperature, improve drying efficiency, but also greatly reduce equipment investment and ensure product quality. This is because the material stays in the machine for a short time, the drying time is short, and the moisture content on the surface of the material is large. From the perspective of engineering practice, direct fire drying has basically no pollution to the lees.

  At present, the latest three-cylinder lees dryer technology developed by our company will save energy and reduce consumption to the end, which will further reduce energy consumption and increase production capacity. This drying equipment is very beneficial to ensure the nutritional content of the material, and protein and other nutritional components will not Loss and fast drying. Especially when processing large-volume, high-humidity and high-viscosity materials, the advantages are very obvious.

  Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in producing various types of dryers such as lees dryer, chicken manure dryer, biomass dryer, slime dryer, etc. If you have any needs, please come to consult.

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