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Why does lignite need to be dried by a lignite dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-25  

  Lignite is the coal with the lowest degree of coalification. It has the characteristics of high moisture, low calorific value, easy spontaneous combustion and weathering, and is not easy to be transported and stored for a long time. These characteristics cause the comprehensive utilization of lignite to face serious difficulties. Even if lignite resources are abundant, due to technical and cost reasons, lignite industrialization has not been realized. As the drying process becomes more mature, as a large-scale professional drying equipment, why is the lignite drying machine favored by the lignite processing industry? What are the benefits of dried lignite?

lignite dryer

  First of all, untreated lignite cannot be used as fuel. This is due to the two major disadvantages caused by the high humidity of lignite: the low ignition point and large carbon dioxide emissions. If the lignite raw coal is directly burned, it will cause serious environmental pollution problems-carbon dioxide emissions are about 15% more than ordinary bituminous coal, while increasing project investment and operating costs. The emergence of lignite dryers can help lignite processing enterprises solve problems.

  Through research, it is found that lignite can effectively reduce the moisture content and increase the energy density of lignite through a reasonable drying process. This technology is the lignite upgrading process. In this process, the quality of the lignite dryer is crucial to the quality improvement results.

  At present, the tumble dryer is still the mainstream drying equipment for drying lignite. After drying, the moisture content of lignite can be reduced to about 10%. If the high-humidity and high-viscosity brown coal dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli is used, the high-viscosity brown coal can be dried, and the three-stage temperature control system can make the finished product reach the optimal moisture content state, which can effectively improve the fuel utilization rate and economic benefits have brought new vitality to the application of lignite.

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