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Analysis of the application technology of flash dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-07  

  Flash dryers are widely used in many fields. There are various types of dryer equipment on the market. What are the technical requirements or advantages of using flash dryers? This article will be analyzed in detail.

  The bottom of the flash dryer has an inverted cone shape, so that the total area of the hot air flow of goods gradually expands from top to bottom, and the bottom end has a high air velocity, which is conducive to the uniform fluidization of particles of up, down, left and right sizes The tapered structure ensures stable operation of the stirring device. There is a classifier under the dryer's discharge inlet, which can return large particles and non-dry raw materials to the air stream, ensuring that the discharged raw materials are qualified products with moisture and particle size distribution. And the flash dryer has a compact machine structure and a small footprint.

  The tooth side of the stirring device of the flash dryer is equipped with a scraper plate, which can reasonably ensure that the raw materials thrown on the inner wall of the dryer are scraped back to the residential area to avoid overheating of the raw materials. Because of the obvious two-way effect of the mixing device and the high-speed running airflow, the relative speed difference between the gas and solid phases is very large, which strengthens the heat and mass transfer of two and two colors and further increases the volume thermal conductivity.

  The flash dryer is more adaptable. It can solve non-sticky and sticky filter cakes, and it can also solve thick paste-like raw materials. It can dry and break at one time and become a passing product with a uniform particle size distribution. When solving this kind of raw materials, there is no need to beat the pulp in advance like spray drying, thereby saving consumption.

  Spin flash dryer can be used in soy protein, gelatinized starch, wine trough, wheat sugar, wheat starch and other fields. It has fast, efficient and low-cost technical advantages. Please consult us for details.

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