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Chicken manure dryer can be used for organic fertilizer production

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-01-17  

  Chicken manure dryer can directly dry up to 70% -80% water content of poultry and animal manure to about 13% safe storage moisture at one time, which is convenient for organic fertilizer production. The whole drying process of chicken manure dryer is in a closed system To reduce the environmental pollution during the drying process. Chicken manure dryer is composed of hot blast stove, conveying equipment, feeding device, drum crusher and dryer, transmission device, electrical system, discharging device, dust removal device and smoke exhaust system.

chicken manure dryer

  Application of dry manure produced by chicken manure dryer

  1. Dried chicken manure separated by squeezing by chicken manure dryer is almost odorless, and can be directly used as fertilizer with low viscosity;

  2. The dried feces are separated by the chicken manure dryer, mixed with straw bran and stirred thoroughly, and fermented by adding bacteria, which can be made into compound organic fertilizer;

  3. Dry manure produced by chicken manure dryer can also be made into pellet feed for fish feed;

  4. The dry manure produced by the chicken manure dryer can be used as a fertilizer for flowers / special economic crops, which can transform the organic matter of the soil.

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