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Tips for reducing lignite dryer operating costs

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-01-16  

  Lignite is a low-grade coal with a degree of coalification between peat and bituminous coal. Most of it is brown, dark brown, or black. It has the characteristics of large moisture, high volatile matter, and low heating value. To improve the quality of lignite, a lignite dryer is needed to dehydrate the lignite. After dehydration, the calorific value of the lignite is greatly increased, which has high economic value. This equipment is not only suitable for lignite, but also for fly ash, blue charcoal and other materials.

lignite dryer

  For the lignite dryer, in addition to the good drying effect and large processing capacity, in the drying process, it also needs to make it more in line with the energy-saving and consumption-reducing production requirements, and create more value for users. So what are the specific skills?

  1. Decreasing the particle size of lignite will not only reduce the tendency of the equipment to stagnate, but also improve the drying efficiency. At the same time, the feeding device should also ensure uniform speed and uniform feeding, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment.

  2. Do not run the equipment for a long time with overload, or increase the drying efficiency of the dryer by increasing the heat supply of the hot blast stove. When selecting a lignite dryer, it must be ensured that its configuration can meet the normal production requirements.

  3. In terms of fuel selection, it is only necessary to ensure that the required standards are met. Too high or too low will cause waste.

  4. The heat loss of the dryer can be reduced by strengthening the insulation performance of the barrel, such as winding the insulation material on the barrel.

  5. Strengthen the daily maintenance of lignite dryer, pay attention to the wear of the transmission parts and lubricate in time.

  At present, coal washing plants or coal mining enterprises have more and more demands for energy saving and consumption reduction of dryers. As the drying process becomes more mature, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly dryer equipment will also appear on the market.

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