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Dingli cassava residue dryer has outstanding capabilities

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-01-08  

  With the pace of mechanical automation production, Dingli's cassava residue dryer conforms to the current situation and dries all kinds of cassava residue with a high moisture content below 10% at one time to avoid deterioration of cassava residue and facilitate storage and reprocessing.

cassava residue dryer

  Dingli cassava residue dryer equipment is equipped with special temperature adjustment, lifting, guide, and other devices, effectively avoiding sticky walls, clogging and other phenomena, dried potato residue has good color, good quality, energy saving and environmental protection , well received by new customers, used in grain stations, starch factories, alcohol factories and other industries.

  Drying equipment is mainly based on tumble dryers, which are divided into single-cylinder dryers and three-layer tumble dryers, which are transformed on heating devices. The burners are mainly environmentally friendly products, mainly including environmentally friendly burners such as biomass burners and gas generators. The selection is mainly based on customer requirements.

  Dingli cassava slag dryer has unique advantages in the industry due to its excellent drying performance. Among many drying manufacturers, choosing to cooperate with Dingli is not only an affirmation of the quality of the equipment, but also an absolute trust in us. Dingli will not let you down.

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