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Three-cylinder wood chip dryer drying principle

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-01-07  

  Sawdust dryer is a mechanical equipment designed and manufactured for sawdust, small wood chips, veneer, and wood chips drying. It mainly uses the principle of heat exchange. The wet material sawdust and hot air are fully contacted in the dryer barrel, and the purposes of evaporating moisture and drying and dehydration are achieved under the action of high temperature.

wood chips dryer

  The specific steps are as follows: the feeding device sends the wet wood chips into the wood chip dryer barrel, and the built-in "rotary harrow crushing" device in the first drying stage breaks up and breaks the wet materials, and converts the wet materials into loose granules that easy to dry, fully contacted with the hot air under the action of the board, and dried in the current to quickly evaporate most of the water.

  In order to remove the biological water in the wet material, the wood chips are transferred to the second drying stage of the wood chip dryer. At this time, the materials are dried in countercurrent to the hot air. The heat also absorbs the heat of the middle drum to achieve a better dry state.

  The material moves to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer. The material travels in a multi-loop manner in the outer layer drum. The two-step and one-step back-to-back travel methods allow the material that achieves the drying effect to quickly travel out of the drum. The material cannot advance quickly due to its own weight. After being fully dried, it is discharged out of the wood chips dryer.

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