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Wood chip dryer operating skills

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-30  

  The scope of application of wood chip dryers has been expanded with the improvement of drying technology. How to maximize the performance of the equipment, it is necessary to learn some skills. Next, I will summarize the use of wood chip dryers for you skill.

sawdust dryer

  1. The cover should be lowered during operation. The device should be stopped. Note that the wood chips should be evenly distributed in the drum, otherwise the centrifugal force will be non-parallel and the drying machine will shake violently. Stop the drum, stop the motor first, and then step on the brake pad with your feet, but remember that you cannot brake without turning off the motor. The dryer can be individually centrifuged without heating, but the motor cannot be shut down and heated separately for drying.

  2. On the heat source, the selected heat source is as convenient as possible for operation and automatic control. Some burning heat sources will generate odor or smoke during the combustion process and will cause pollution after being discharged to the atmosphere. Such heat sources should be used cautiously, if they must be selected, they should also be environmentally friendly.

  3. For the noise reduction of wood chip dryer, the production process can be modified and low-noise equipment can be used. For high pressure and high speed air flow, reduce the pressure difference and flow rate, or change the shape of the air flow nozzle. Improve machining and assembly accuracy to reduce noise from mechanical vibration and friction.

  At this stage, sawdust and various straw and edible fungus residues have been converted from discarded waste products to available resources, whether it is the second crushing and utilization of waste wood and furniture, or the use of wood chip products and high combustion values. These biofuels require wood chips and broken dregs to undergo a drying process.

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