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How to strengthen the evaporation of water in spin flash dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-24  

  The heat exchange in the drying equipment is mainly based on the air flow and particles, and the two types of heat exchange between the cylinder wall and the particles. The nature of the drying process is the dispersion of moisture. It is carried out by external dispersion and internal dispersion. External diffusion is the process in which the water outside the particles is dispersed from the outside to the surrounding medium in the form of steam. Internal dispersion is the process by which water moves outside the particles.

spin flash dryer

  1. The rotary flash dryer adopts the high-speed hot airflow tangent to enter the cylinder, because the spiral movement of the airflow in the cylinder reduces the temperature of the medium around the particles, and increases the velocity and temperature of the medium, which greatly accelerates the external dispersion rate.

  2. The low-temperature airflow hits the particles or small wet materials located at the lower part of the cylinder at high speed. At the same time, the stirring of the stirring blades in the cylinder causes the particles to be broken, the particle size is reduced, and the length of the external capillary is also reduced, which strengthens the internal dispersion as a consequence, the resistance to internal dispersion is reduced. Most of these particles are repeatedly broken in the low temperature and high stirring intensity cycle of the lower part of the cylinder. Eliminating the agglomeration of the material is also an inefficient step to increase internal dispersion, and strengthens the evaporation of particulate water.

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